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How Do You Like Your Toast?

How do you like your toast seems to be a simple questions on the surface. However, it can lead to numerous possibilities and everyone has their own special way.

Reading an article recently online about how to butter your toast got me to thinking. While a simple procedure, there are many ways to do it. There is no right or wrong way to butter toast, just whatever way makes you happy is the best.

First, there are several ways to make toast. Some use the oven, some use toaster ovens and others just use a toaster. How long to toast bread depends on what you like – soft toast, slightly crisp, burnt and so on.

Then, you have to consider what type of bread to use. Is it really toast if you don’t use traditional loaf bread? Sure it is, if that’s what you want. For instance, in our house toast is generally made using French bread, but we also use Garlic bread, English muffins, Cheese bread, Ciabatta rolls, and just about anything we have a taste for. Technically, it may not be toast but it serves as toast for us. I’d say 90 percent of the time we use a toaster, but occasionally use the oven depending on how much time we have and the type of bread we’re using.

Now the hard part. How to butter your toast and when to butter it.

You can spread cold butter on your bread before you toast it. This way can cause your bread to tear. Sometimes you also get more butter in spots causing your bread to be soggy.

You can spread butter on your bread after you’ve toasted it. This works okay. You have to be careful though or you’ll have a tub of butter that’s full of bread crumbs. Every time you spread butter on the toast, you come away with a few crumbs on your knife that go into your butter.

The only way that wasn’t mentioned in the article is the one way I think is the best way to butter toast. For me the best way is by melting my butter, using a pastry brush and spread the desired amount of delicious wonder on my bread after it’s toasted. I melt just a small amount of butter needed for the toast. This way, there’s no crumbs in my tub of butter, the butter spreads evenly over the bread and it’s not soggy.

Oh no, I forgot. There’s also liquid butter you can squeeze onto your toast from a bottle. See, a simple tasty staple of the breakfast menu has so many possibilities.

Thanks for dropping by today. So tell us, how do you like your toast buttered? Do you even use butter or do you prefer jam or jelly instead or just plain toast?

Cucina Felice!

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