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Celebrating Labor Day

Cooking on the grill is a Labor Day tradition

Cooking on the grill is a Labor Day tradition

Millions of people throughout the U.S. are celebrating Labor Day today with cookouts and special activities.

When it comes to cookouts, the grill becomes the focal point of the meal. That’s not to say all the other dishes aren’t important because they are. It’s just that the grill prepares the meat and sometimes even some of the vegetables.

When it comes to grilling, every chef is the master of his own domain. Some will use only charcoal, while other swear by gas (propane). There are even others that have built their own grills and use specific type wood like cedar or mesquite.

We were invited to a friend’s home Saturday for an early Labor Day cookout. Despite a quick rain shower early and a return drizzle later in the afternoon, the event went smoothly.

A vast array of dishes had been prepared by those attending. I fixed my guacamole dip and chicken salad for appetizers.

My friend Rodney was the grill master and did an excellent job preparing hot dogs, hamburgers and barbecued chicken. He put together a special barbecue sauce using a variety of items from his refrigerator until he got just the right blend of spices he wanted.

He and his wife Beth first put the chicken in the oven and baked it on low for an hour and a half with just salt, black pepper and a touch of the barbecue sauce on it. Before placing it on the grill, they coated the chicken in the barbecue sauce. When the chicken was heated thoroughly on the grill, it literally fell off the bone at the touch. It was a bit tricky taking it off the grill, but he managed.

Family and friends enjoy games during cookout

Family and friends enjoy games during cookout

Family and friends gathered around the tables and enjoyed a delicious meal. Afterwards, as the sun came back out it was time for fellowship, fun and games in the back yard. There’s nothing like the sound of laughter (both from adults and kids) to make an outing memorable.

Hope you and your family are having a wonderful and safe Labor Day. If you’re not celebrating Labor Day where you live, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day just the same.

Cucina Felice!

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