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Vanished Into Thin Air …. Happy 4th!

big-fireworksIt might seem like I’ve vanished into thin air, but I’m still around with a really hectic and crazy schedule at the moment.

First, I’d like to be sure to wish everyone (who is celebrating) a safe and wonderful Fourth of July holiday. Be sure to stop by and visit my friend, the lovely Wendi, at Loaves and Dishes for her Easy Delicious Holiday Recipes Picks for the 4th. She was kind of enough to include my own Sloppy Joe Sliders in the mix.

Now where was I … while my day job continues to be busy as ever, I’ve been making steps to venture out onto a path I’ve wanted to take for some time. I’m in the process of opening my own business. Since I enjoy food so much, I’ve purchased a food concession trailer and hope to have it in operation before too long. I’ve also gotten two huge smokers on a trailer and am trying my hand at smoking Boston Butts, along with a vast array of other foods.

Where I live I have to take a Manager’s Food Safety Certification class before I can get a state health permit. Trying to find a class to take has proven a bit of a challenge. It seems they only give the test when a certain number of applicants have applied. If there isn’t enough taking the course, it’s cancelled and re-scheduled (again and again) until there is a class load. I was finally able to take the class this week and now have to wait until after the holidays to get the results and start more paperwork.

There’s a lot of paperwork/permits/regulations that goes with opening a food truck business. I may try to cover that in a post a little later on.

In addition, I’m trying to get a logo designed, a website set up for the new business and all the necessary supplies on hand to operate the food trailer. I’m also working to get the concession trailerĀ approved as a vendor at a huge, major sporting event in our state in early fall. If that works out as I hope, there will definitely be a post about that.

I haven’t vanished completely, just a tad busy. Hopefully things will settle down some soon and I’ll be back to posting some delicious recipes a couple times a week. I’m thinking homemade chili, breakfast smoothies, and pulled pork recipes (of course) just to name a few. So I hope to see you back here before too long and I’ll try to get by your place to visit real soon. How are things in your neck of the woods? Is life being hectic for you too?

Cucina Felice!

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