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Alabama Restaurant Week

I Love Alabama Food logoWhen it comes to food, there’s nothing like home cooking. But there are times you just want to get out of the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking.

I’m a firm believer in patronizing local restaurants. It’s a great way to help your community thrive. Having said that, I also enjoy exploring new restaurants, trying new types of cuisine and discovering great new dishes. While doing that, you get to meet some amazing new people and find new places to visit along the way.

With that in mind I want to tell you about a fun and exciting event that begins today in the great state of Alabama where I live.

The Alabama Tourism Department is hosting Alabama Restaurant Week. This culinary event actually runs for 10 days (Aug. 14-23) and unites the diverse range of cuisine the state has to offer. It’s highlighted as “Savor the cuisine of Sweet Home Alabama with specially priced meals featured at restaurants during this I Love Alabama Food special event.”

Restaurants participating in the event are asked to offer customers a pre-fixed two-course lunch and/or a three-course dinner. The two-course lunch is supposed to include a main course and either a starter or dessert. The fixed price per person for the lunch menus is $5, $10 and $15 (not including tax, tip and drink). The three-course dinner meal is supposed to consist of a starter, main course and dessert. The fixed price per person for the dinner menus is $10, $20 and $30 (not including tax, tip and drink). Patrons have to ask for the ‘Alabama Restaurant Week meal’ at a participating restaurant to get the special rate.

Not all restaurants in the state are participating as most chain restaurants don’t qualify. The tourism department wants to highlight restaurants owned and operated in the state. Sadly in some counties there are no restaurants participating. I found that a couple of restaurants in my county and in a surrounding county are participating so I’ll be checking them out.

If you live in Alabama or plan to visit during this special event, you can find out which restaurants are participating by clicking on the Alabama Restaurant Week website.

The restaurants participating in this event are a very diverse group accumulating in a smorgasbord of tasty meals to enjoy.

Have you ever tried a new restaurant as a result of a special event like this? If so, what was the outcome? Hop in the car and head to Alabama during this 10-day event to enjoy Alabama Restaurant Week.

Felice mangiare (Happy eating)!!

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